Fwd: Re: [UFO Chicago] anyone running SATA on Fedora ?

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Sun Mar 30 16:37:31 PDT 2008

> Jesse Becker <jesse_becker at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Politik Durden
> wrote:
>> Wanna move to Fedora 8 but but from what I'm reading,
>> Linux support for SATA is still shaky ? Any SATA card
>> recommendations ? MicroCenter has some for as low as $14
>> but of course you get what you pay for. What should I be
>> looking for ? Any advice ?
> SATA support has been solid for several years now. The
> only "gotcha" is that SATA support uses the SCSI modules
> instead of the traditional IDE drivers. So while an IDE
> drive appears as "hdX", SATA drives show up as "sdX"--just
> like a "real" SCSI drive.
> Which cards are supported will depend on what kernel you
> are running, but I'd guess that most cards you can find a
> Microcenter will be okay.
> http://ata.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Hardware%2C_driver_status

On Sun, March 30, 2008 5:22 pm, Politik Durden wrote:
>   Hey thanks for the post. Yea I keep reading things that say
> SATA is supported but just as many other things saying it's
> not. Seems like different SATA cards are supported at varying
> levels (hardware level, software talking to BIOS level, this
> "fakeraid" stuff, etc. etc) and people are maybe taking that
> as "not supported" ? So it's the hardware makers, not Linux,
> that's causing the issue ?

Support probably does vary between different kernel levels
(2.4.* vs 2.6.*), but if one is forced to make a broad
statement, yes, SATA is supported by Linux.  Thousands of
people run SATA without problems.

The best way for us to help would be for your to post the names
of some of the cards you are considering and the specific
version of Linux you're on.



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