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I do not host anything at home either and I have been using Comcast. I
have a personal vendetta against ATT and their service totally sucks.
Comcast is far from cheap though. If you have cable it is around 30$
but if you don't it will cost you about 60$. Comcast download speed is
good. I used to pay for the 6meg download but never saw numbers close
to 6 megs, topped out around 4. I switched to the 3meg download plan
and did not see numbers close to 3 megs either, more around 1.5megs.
All of their plans limit uploads to one speed which I believe is

On 3/28/07, sten <lists at redboy.cx> wrote:
> On 3/28/2007, "Chris McAvoy" <chris.mcavoy at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Yeah, I'm a current SpeakEasy customer.  This was disappointing news
> >to me.  That said, I've been thinking about getting a cheaper service.
> > I don't host sites from home anymore, so I don't need a static IP or
> >speakeasy style service.  Any suggestions?
> ATT is huge and evil and their wifi router is is pile of crap, but the
> service more or less works. Earthlink is still around. I used Cyberonic
> for a while, but my inside wiring is horrid and replacing it would be
> too expensive, so I'm on Comcast for the moment. Sprint is supposed to
> be rolling out WiMax in Chicago this year, but its all vapor for the
> moment. /me checks around for the next muni-wifi meeting
> Sten
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