[UFO Chicago] Unix system administration, good; money transfers to Russian banks, bad.

Politik Durden politikdurden at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 11 18:32:49 PST 2007

I agree that as long as it stays in check like it has, job postings are ok. All job postings I've seen so far are for Linux positions, so it reains on topic. If you're looking for a chef, why not post to mailings lists that chefs read ? If a recuiter has success finding people on UFO, they will spread the word and incease UFO's visibility and increase opportunities for qualified candidates. 
  In the event that it does get out of hand, maybe an option would be to have initial job submissions go to someone who can screen them first, then only forward the approriate ones to the entire list. Any posts that go to the list w/o being screened can be deleted. Open source can use all the help it can get, so if it's done reasonably, I'm all for it. 
If someone wanted to make me a UFO member for life, and REALLY spark something in the open source community, that person would start a "How to Get a Job Working With Linux/Open Source" section on the UFO site and in exchange for posting jobs, recruiters (or the companies they recruit for) would donate resource to put on workshops/tech talks that teach people how to gain the skills needed to land a Linux/open source job; along the lines of the Commuity Access agreement with cable companies. If recruiters want to use our "public right of way" they have to give something back. Both sides win. They get qualified folks, we get paid to do something we do for free anyways : - )

Jay F Shachter <jay at m5.chicago.il.us> wrote:  Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Nate Riffe would write on Tue Dec 11 17:35:45 2007:

> So something like this would be ok, I think:
> "Hi, I'm trying to hire someone to do X in Chicago. Please contact me
> privately if you would like more information."
> The one we saw earlier today is definitely over the line, though.

I don't mind Mr. Bryant's job posting (in fact, I may apply for it); my
only concern is that we have a reliable mechanism to keep out the mass
mailings that offer you the money laundering jobs that get you
arrested after two weeks. Presumably we do have a reliable mechanism
for keeping out unwanted mass mailings, since (if I am not mistaken)
the address of our mailing list appears in cleartext on the ufo
website, meaning that it can be harvested by those subhuman orc-like
creatures who harvest electronic addresses; and yet, we have not been
plagued by mass mailings from robots who have joined the mailing list.

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