[UFO Chicago] Unix system administration, good; money transfers to Russian banks, bad.

Jay F Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Tue Dec 11 15:51:29 PST 2007

Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Nate Riffe would write on Tue Dec 11 17:35:45 2007:

> So something like this would be ok, I think:
> "Hi, I'm trying to hire someone to do X in Chicago.  Please contact me
> privately if you would like more information."
> The one we saw earlier today is definitely over the line, though.

I don't mind Mr. Bryant's job posting (in fact, I may apply for it); my
only concern is that we have a reliable mechanism to keep out the mass
mailings that offer you the money laundering jobs that get you
arrested after two weeks.  Presumably we do have a reliable mechanism
for keeping out unwanted mass mailings, since (if I am not mistaken)
the address of our mailing list appears in cleartext on the ufo
website, meaning that it can be harvested by those subhuman orc-like
creatures who harvest electronic addresses; and yet, we have not been
plagued by mass mailings from robots who have joined the mailing list.

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