[UFO Chicago] Any Postfix gurus out there?

Greg Groth ggroth at gregs-garage.com
Sat Aug 5 22:22:00 PDT 2006

> This is an educated guess -- as i've never had a need to do this. . . 
> turnoff the local_recipient_maps by setting it to null in the main.cf -- 
> this will allow postfix to receive any mail regardless of user or domain 
> - set your luser_relay value to the local user you want to receive the 
> mail. .
> BREAKING THE RFC NOTE - by doing this you are breaking several mail 
> rules. If a sender mispells the name of a user they will not get a 
> bounce back . . other notifications may also get lost.
> The better way to handle this is to provide your backup server with 
> either a method to verify user's existence -- a hash list of ldap for 
> instance . . .
> good luck - steve
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Thanks for this, someone else pointed this out to me off-list as well. 
Apparently the terminology I was using to Google this issue wasn't 
right, and searching for local_recipient_maps got me headed in the right 
direction.  As far as breaking RFCs, I know this is a bad thing, but my 
skills in the LDAP arena are non-existent at this time.  Once I get 
better in this arena, I'll see if I can't do this the right way.  My 
other reason for screwing around with this is for a similar, but 
opposite scenario.  This is somewhat of an exercise for the email server 
at work, due for a rebuild at the end of the month.  At the office, the 
employees names are very prone to misspelling, so we accept everything, 
so I'm going to need a catch-all in that situation as well.

Best regards,
Greg Groth

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