[UFO Chicago] Any Postfix gurus out there?

sjk sjk at dredel.com
Sat Aug 5 13:33:19 PDT 2006

On Sat, 5 Aug 2006, Greg Groth wrote:

> I'm trying to determine if there is a way to place a catch-all account in the 
> aliases db.  I'm only running email for a single domain, so I'm not doing 
> anything with the virtual domain files.  My problem is that my current setup 
> is rejecting email for spam that is addressed to non-existent users. Normally 
> this would not be a problem, but when the email is rejected, it's ending up 
> on my back-up email server in the administrative account for the back-up 
> server.  I'd rather have postfix accept everything with a wildcard, and send 
> the spam off to /dev/null. I know that in Sendmail it's simply a matter of 
> adding the following to aliases:
> @somedomain.com		/dev/null

This is an educated guess -- as i've never had a need to do this. . . turnoff 
the local_recipient_maps by setting it to null in the main.cf -- this will 
allow postfix to receive any mail regardless of user or domain - set your 
luser_relay value to the local user you want to receive the mail. .

BREAKING THE RFC NOTE - by doing this you are breaking several mail rules. If a 
sender mispells the name of a user they will not get a bounce back . . other 
notifications may also get lost.

The better way to handle this is to provide your backup server with either a 
method to verify user's existence -- a hash list of ldap for instance . . .

good luck - steve

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