[UFO Chicago] OT: Rational Clear Case?

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Mar 30 20:58:38 CST 2005

begin  Brian Sobolak  quotation:
> (Nevermind the open source products.  I fought that battle and lost
> already.  No one seems to have heard of CVS or Subversion, sadly.)

	Both are already yesterday's news.  If it's proprietary you're
after, why not look at bitkeeper?  

	The real future of VCS is probably bazaar-ng, which is taking
the best bits of arch, darcs, and bitkeeper.  Still development code,
but Martin's a smart guy and is well on his way to a kickass system.

When you use proprietary software,                   Nick Moffitt
you're sharecropping on your own brain.             nick at zork.net
    -- Mister Bad

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