[UFO Chicago] Follow-Up #2: Reply Requested -- Survey about the New Place

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Fri Jan 28 15:40:43 CST 2005

So we've decided to move the location of UFO.  Please write your answers 
  and send them back to brian AT planetshwoop DOT com or reply to the 
list.  Thank you.

(Note:  I will compile the totals and make suggestions.  I'm going to 
weight the answers of those who come more regularly higher than those 
who don't, but every vote counts.)

1.  The location generally speaking is a place quiet enough that one can 
carry a conversation easily.  Strict non-smoking section is a 
requirement; decent public transit access is probably required; beer is 
nice but not required, wi-fi is nice but not required; decent nearby 
parking is probably required.

The new location should be:

   a) The Golden Apple (2971 North Lincoln Ave)
   b) The Lincoln Restaurant (4008 North Lincoln Ave)
   c) The Golden Nugget (Ravenswood - 4747 N Ravenswood Ave)
   d) Other?  Provide documentation.

2.  Our traditional meeting time has been every other Thursday at 8pm. 
Should we stick with that?

3.   Is every other two weeks too much or too little or juuuuussssst right?

4.  Emacs or vi?

5.  Suggestions of locations where we can publicize our meeting times 
and locations?

6.  Is it just me, or does software from DJB look neat but when you 
actually try and use the stuff it's retarded to configure because it 
does absolutely *everything* different?  Or have I not wasted four hours 
this afternoon because someday djbdns will be the world's standard?

7.  The some items were listed in the requirements phase (item #1). 
Which three are most important to you?

8.  Anything else you'd like to say?

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