[UFO Chicago] Follow-Up #1: The End of the Reign Of Victoria

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Fri Jan 28 15:28:57 CST 2005

Hello everyone -

The UFO executive committee met last night and decided that we have to 
fire Victoria's as our location of choice.  They did everything they 
could to hustle us out of there, and when Jordan showed up at 9:30, they 
had already more or less closed (I had to let him in).

And frankly that stinks.  I have really liked that place the time's I've 
been, but I really felt rushed last night and unwelcome.  And 
unfortunately, that wasn't the first time.

So it's time to change venues.

So we have a small UFO survey for you to complete.  Just reply to me 
personally (brian @ planetshwoop dot com) or the list; I'll tally them 
and announce the results.  We'll have one last meeting at Vickie's; 
after that we'll move on.


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