[UFO Chicago] Follow-Up #2: Reply Requested -- Survey about the New Place

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Mon Jan 31 21:13:47 CST 2005

Quoting Brian Sobolak:
> The new location should be:
>   a) The Golden Apple (2971 North Lincoln Ave)
>   b) The Lincoln Restaurant (4008 North Lincoln Ave)
>   c) The Golden Nugget (Ravenswood - 4747 N Ravenswood Ave)
>   d) Other?  Provide documentation.

Haha... I vote for any of those. b and c are practically closer to me
than Victoria's. And the Golden Apple is truly a rad place.

> 4.  Emacs or vi?

vi. But in all ignorance, I've never even TRIED emacs.

> 5.  Suggestions of locations where we can publicize our meeting times 
> and locations?

What about college campuses? Way back when, we made posters. People
could put them up on their own campuses... might attract some folks.

> 6.  Is it just me, or does software from DJB look neat but when you 
> actually try and use the stuff it's retarded to configure because it 
> does absolutely *everything* different?  Or have I not wasted four hours 
> this afternoon because someday djbdns will be the world's standard?

That's what I've heard. but in all ignorance, I've never even TRIED
software from djb.

> 7.  The some items were listed in the requirements phase (item #1). 
> Which three are most important to you?

Atmosphere... was atmosphere listed there? That's more important to me
than anything else.

> 8.  Anything else you'd like to say?


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