[UFO Chicago] Re: Geminid meteor showers Monday night

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Mon Dec 13 16:42:16 CST 2004

I'm not Jesse, but about Main St. on the lake is generally a good place 
to go look at the night's sky.  At least if you're looking eastward. 
There are buildings to your west. :-)  I think it's maybe a half-mile 
from the Main St. El station.

Yeah, I've not been around much lately.  I was going to be at last 
week's meeting, but got held up trying to find a lost cat at a friend's 
house. :-)

Neil R. Ormos wrote:

>>Do you know any dark spots in the 'burbs easy for city folk
>>to get to that have Dunken Donuts nearby or something?
> I'd be up for that.  It's pretty well lit there, so you're
> not excaping much light pollution, but coffee, etc.,
> are available nearby.
> I was hoping Jesse would suggest someplace in Evanston
> without a lot of light pollution.
> Have you checked the astronomy club and planetarium web
> sites?  I would, but I have a project I need to finish.
> --neil

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