[UFO Chicago] Re: Geminid meteor showers Monday night

Neil R. Ormos ormos at ripco.com
Mon Dec 13 15:43:10 CST 2004

Jordan Bettis wrote:
> Neil R. Ormos said:
>> Jordan Bettis wrote:
>>> Neil R. Ormos said:
>>>> Jesse Becker wrote:

> >>>> Monday night is the peak night for the Geminid
> >>>> meteor shower this year, and it should be
> >>>> fairly good.  It will be partly cloudy in
> >>>> Chicago, but Chandler and I are going to try
> >>>> and see what we can see.

> >>>> The show will probably start (slowly) as soon
> >>>> as it gets dark, but won't pick up until 10pm
> >>>> or midnight.  The peak should be around 2am.
> >>>> Both times are "local" for wherever you happen
> >>>> to be on the planet (Asia and Europe
> >>>> apparently have the best seat this year).

> >>> Any interest in a special UFO meteor shower
> >>> meeting?  Too bad the light pollution is so bad
> >>> at 3224 W. Foster.

> >> When Nate was here we did a camping trip out to
> >> the state park near Zion IL on the Metra. It was
> >> a great time. I'd be up to doing something like
> >> that again.

> > It's a little cold to go camping, but it might be
> > nice to find a place with minimal light pollution,
> > hopefully with warth and coffee nearby.

> What about near the Cumberland station on the Blue Line?
> It's outside the city grid so there'll be much less light,
> and there's a convenience store in it although I don't
> know if it's open 24 hours.

> Do you know any dark spots in the 'burbs easy for city folk
> to get to that have Dunken Donuts nearby or something?

I'd be up for that.  It's pretty well lit there, so you're
not excaping much light pollution, but coffee, etc.,
are available nearby.

I was hoping Jesse would suggest someplace in Evanston
without a lot of light pollution.

Have you checked the astronomy club and planetarium web
sites?  I would, but I have a project I need to finish.


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