[UFO Chicago] discussing executive officers this thurs.?

Peter A. H. Peterson pedro at tastytronic.net
Mon Dec 6 15:49:53 CST 2004

I think we should discuss executive officer position(s) at the meeting
this thursday. I'm making every effort to be there. We basically need
someone to sort of be "in charge" -- as much as UFO has ever had
anyone who was "in charge" -- and someone to update the website. This
person can be the same person, but doesn't have to be. I'm happy to
keep the website on flynn and give the necessary people access, but
will also move the website if the new people so desire.

I hope that everyone is well!


Peter A. Peterson II, technician and musician.
 ---=[ http://tastytronic.net/~pedro/ ]=--- 

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