[UFO Chicago] FreeSBIE 1.1 Release Announcement

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Mon Dec 6 12:02:54 CST 2004

For those of you who may have been interested in BSD but didn't have a
spare box sitting around to try it, this might be a good shot.  It's
basically the old "OS on a CD" concept that you've seen before from Linux
- run the OS without having to install anything on your machine.

This is a 1.1 release which now has the capability to also to install to
hard-disk (they claim); we'll see.

Oh, and by the way, we're having a meeting this week.  Official
announcement to come later of course, but hope you can make it...


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Subject: FreeSBIE 1.1 Release Announcement
From:    "Dario Freni" <saturnero at freesbie.org>
Date:    Mon, December 6, 2004 7:54
To:      freesbie at gufi.org
Cc:      chat at freebsd.org

It's our honour and pleasure to announce FreeSBIE 1.1, a LiveCD based on
Some of the innovations since 1.0 include:

- A renewed series of scripts to support power users in the use of
  FreeSBIE 1.1.
- An installer to let users install FreeSBIE 1.1 on their hard drives,
  thus having a powerful operating system such as FreeBSD, but with all
the personalizations FreeSBIE 1.1 carries.
- The presence of the best open source software, chosen and
  personalized, such as X.Org 6.7, XFCE 4.2RC1, Firefox 1.0 and
  Thunderbird 0.9.2.

Moreover, many bugs were solved thanks also to the help of numerous beta
testers which we are honoured to thank.
 For more information about FreeSBIE, visit the website:


FreeSBIE 1.1 was created from the omonimous toolkit to offer users a tool
whose uses range from networking activities, to multimedia, to disaster
  The real limit FreeSBIE suffers from is user's fantasy, who will be
able to appreciate its flexibility for many uses.

Included software

Along with FreeSBIE is distributed a complete and heterogenous
collection of the best open source software now available, making it the
ideal tool for the student, the teacher, the network administrator, the
computer addicted, the scheptical, the curious and also the newbie taking
a first approach to FreeBSD 5.3.
  For a complete list of the included software, please consult:



The most interesting innovation in FreeSBIE 1.1 is represented by
the presence of the installer supplied by the DragonFlyBSD Installer Team
(http://www.bsdinstaller.org), which will let users install
FreeSBIE 1.1 on their hard drive.
 A help system was also created to help newcomers become familiar with
FreeSBIE 1.1, and to let them know the tools it provides.

FreeSBIE 1.1 comes with 2 Desktop Environments (apart from the
well-known shell) to satisfy the needs of those who want a lightweight
desktop environment, and those who want a complete one.


We would like to thank all the people who contributed to the creation of

First of all, we would like to thank those who will inevitably be
forgotten, whose help we will never forget.
  Our special thanks go to the FreeBSD core team, and to those who orbit
around it: without you we wouldn't look at the world from obscure
little windows nowadays.

  We cannot forget to thank the DargonFlyBSD Installer Team, to whom
we promised to try DargonFlyBSD sooner or later: ok, we'll do it, as long
as you stop talking about KDE. ;-)


FreeSBIE 1.1 can be downloaded from one of the mirrors listed on the website:

and on:

or using a BitTorrent client:

MD5 checksum of the CD image:

MD5 (FreeSBIE-1.1-i386.iso) = 61e6433b8ace7c83cee281b731e73f1c

_WARNING_: Check the md5 of the mirror you are downloading from.
Given the recent Security Advisory, the iso was updated recently.
Thus, it is possible that some mirrors still haven't updated to the most
recent image file available.

Have fun with FreeSBIE,
the project team

Brian Sobolak
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