[UFO Chicago] FREE VT 520s / 220s -- good for serial console

Peter A. Peterson II pedro at tastytronic.net
Wed Oct 29 11:49:14 EST 2003

Hi all,

I have a number of DEC VT 520s and a couple VT220s that I am
interested in getting rid of. I work at a university and we took these
out of our system a few years ago. I'm just looking to give them away
rather than throw them away as I have too much junk as it is. These
are CRT textmode "dumb terminals" -- not X Terminals.

I really like VTs -- they're quiet, and have such a pleasant CRT glow.
For people who do a lot of work in the shell, this may be just what
you need! You don't need a terminal server to use these beauties --
just a long serial cable (or just pinout boxes and some 24awg wire),
although they work well with terminal servers too (if you have one).

Some of these have actual VT520 keyboards with them, but all the 520s
can also use regular PS/2 style keyboards. Heck, hook up your modelm
to your 520 like I did and have a real vintage computing experience! I
only have a couple VT220s available, and their life expectancy is
unknown. There is no guarantee that any of this hardware will work
well for you, although I will personally test it before I give it to

Pplease email me offlist if you are interested and we can make some
kind of arrangement for meeting. 



Peter A. Peterson II, technician and musician.
 ---=[ http://tastytronic.net/~pedro/ ]=--- 

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