[UFO Chicago] SBC/Yahoo DSL Service

Brian Sobolak sobolak@myrealbox.com
Thu, 10 Apr 2003 00:39:34 -0500

>I think the most interesting thing for me to know is if there is
>anything in any of the configuration files that you end up with for
>talking to SBC/Yahoo differs from what was set up for Ameritech/SBC.

Coincidentally, I setup a friend tonight on this.  It's a sham.  All of the=
 crap about Yahoo was basically to funnel you into Yahoo's services, like=
 research reports and online games.  It offered to download a path to the=
 PPPoE software; I didn't do it and it still worked just fine.  Technical=
ly it seemed exactly the same as before.

Roy - go to https://sbcreg.sbcglobal.net/.  It'll ask you if you have an ex=
isting account.  Enter it in there.  Follow the instructions (you might h=
ave to change your DSL login) but skip all of the junk that says "Would y=
ou like a Yahoo Wallet?" and you should be fine.


Brian Sobolak