[UFO Chicago] SBC/Yahoo DSL Service

Brian Sobolak sobolak@myrealbox.com
Wed, 09 Apr 2003 17:21:08 -0500

>And thank you, other respondents, for urging me not >to upgrade. BUT

What happens to your email is independent of your DSL.  It's a *really* goo=
d idea to get a different
account from your Ameritech one.

>So, if anyone has direct experience of converting a system running linux
>from Ameritech/SBC to Yahoo/SBC, I would still be extremely grateful to
>hear about their experience.

I've been running SBC DSL for six plus years.  If they've ever told me to u=
pgrade to Yahoo, I haven't noticed.  I don't use their email address (mos=
tly because their instructions on how to set it up were non-existant).

I don't use their PPPoE software either - it's a waste.  It's much better I=
MHO to buy a cheap router/firewall that will manage that for you, e.g. Ne=
tgear or Cisco (nee Linksys)  That way it makes no difference what OS you=
're running on the back-end - the router handles all of it.

I understand your concern but still think that the Yahoo thing is marketing=


Brian Sobolak