[UFO Chicago] CD-R problems

Robert B. Moses robert.moses@helioslogic.com
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 12:02:42 -0600

fellow ufoers

have any of you run into problems with recording on different 
brands/types of CD-R media?

Background: I have a Creative CDR/RW Blaster 32/8/4.
I have used a variety of media, and last night erased and then burned a 
Memorex CD-RW 1-4x 650MB.  (so i assume my laser is working) Well I 
recently bought 50 spindle of Verbatim CD-R 1-32x 700MB media. problem 
is that the drive   (or the software) can't detect that the blank media 
is present. (unfortunately this is under windows XP at present using 
both the XP built-in burner and Nero 5.5...i plan to put RH8 on this 

I;ve used Verbatim media before (the 1-16X 700MB variety) without any 
problems. I've tried a number of blanks on the spindle and none work. Is 
it possible to have a completely bad batch or is my drive unhappy with 
the dye?
it is a mystery.....

any insight would be appreciate (also what media do you use?)