[UFO Chicago] CD-R problems

Ian Bicking ianb@colorstudy.com
22 Nov 2002 14:07:06 -0600

The first spindle of CDR I got was totally bad.  Actually very
frustrating, as I lost data due to it.  It definitely happens.

I've gotten generic blanks from here a couple times that have always
worked very well for me:
They don't seem to be carrying generic anymore, though... too bad.  I've
gotten TDK and Fuji blanks on sale before, and they've worked fine.  I
can't remember the bad brand's name, but it had "media" in it, and you
see them on sale for cheap quite often (Ultramedia? No...). 

On Fri, 2002-11-22 at 12:02, Robert B. Moses wrote:
> fellow ufoers
> have any of you run into problems with recording on different 
> brands/types of CD-R media?
> Background: I have a Creative CDR/RW Blaster 32/8/4.
> I have used a variety of media, and last night erased and then burned a 
> Memorex CD-RW 1-4x 650MB.  (so i assume my laser is working) Well I 
> recently bought 50 spindle of Verbatim CD-R 1-32x 700MB media. problem 
> is that the drive   (or the software) can't detect that the blank media 
> is present. (unfortunately this is under windows XP at present using 
> both the XP built-in burner and Nero 5.5...i plan to put RH8 on this 
> weekend)
> I;ve used Verbatim media before (the 1-16X 700MB variety) without any 
> problems. I've tried a number of blanks on the spindle and none work. Is 
> it possible to have a completely bad batch or is my drive unhappy with 
> the dye?
> it is a mystery.....
> any insight would be appreciate (also what media do you use?)
> --
> Robert
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