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Rory O'Connor rory@thewhiteroom.com
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 00:58:35 +0000

i read about LUFS (http://lufs.sourceforge.net/lufs/) in a recent linux magazine issue.  Installed it the other day and haven't had much time to mess with it.  But it did let me mount a remote directory locally via SSH which I thought was pretty neeto. Apparantly it can mount via ftp too, though I don't know why anyone would ever want to do that.

While pretty fun, it's definitely not a very "mature" solution.

On 21 Nov 2002 00:36:49 -0600
Ian Bicking <ianb@colorstudy.com> wrote:

> What do people use for network fileshares?  I'm getting annoyed with SSH
> and all that junk, and I'd really like to just be able to mount network
> drives over the internet.
> There's NFS, which I've never much used -- I never get good feelings
> from people, security and otherwise... can it work well over the
> internet?  How hard is it to install on the server?  I can install
> whatever junk on my (client) workstation, but it's harder on the
> servers.
> There's Coda, which I don't know much about... it sounds a lot better,
> but also less mature.  Has anyone tried it?
> MacOS X, interestingly enough, seems to use DAV (on Apache) for
> filesharing.  That's very cool.  But the DAV clients on Linux aren't
> that great... I've got davfs working, but it's got high latency.  I
> might experiment more with it later.  Positive side: very easy to set up
> the server.  I bet MacOS X has a speedy client, with good caching and
> intelligent server interaction.
> There's various virtual filesystems, like Gnome VFS, Emacs' Tramp and
> EFS, and maybe some others.  I probably should figure out Tramp more,
> but it's been a real pain.
> There's also the possibility of using CVS as a sort of networked
> filesystem.  Have other people tried this?  I'm still not really
> comfortable with CVS, though I've finally gotten used to the basics.  It
> does offer some other useful features besides networking...
> Any other ideas?  (I'm searching for optimal productivity, one piece of
> the environment at a time.)
>   Ian
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