[UFO Chicago] Network fileshares

Ian Bicking ianb@colorstudy.com
21 Nov 2002 00:36:49 -0600

What do people use for network fileshares?  I'm getting annoyed with SSH
and all that junk, and I'd really like to just be able to mount network
drives over the internet.

There's NFS, which I've never much used -- I never get good feelings
from people, security and otherwise... can it work well over the
internet?  How hard is it to install on the server?  I can install
whatever junk on my (client) workstation, but it's harder on the

There's Coda, which I don't know much about... it sounds a lot better,
but also less mature.  Has anyone tried it?

MacOS X, interestingly enough, seems to use DAV (on Apache) for
filesharing.  That's very cool.  But the DAV clients on Linux aren't
that great... I've got davfs working, but it's got high latency.  I
might experiment more with it later.  Positive side: very easy to set up
the server.  I bet MacOS X has a speedy client, with good caching and
intelligent server interaction.

There's various virtual filesystems, like Gnome VFS, Emacs' Tramp and
EFS, and maybe some others.  I probably should figure out Tramp more,
but it's been a real pain.

There's also the possibility of using CVS as a sort of networked
filesystem.  Have other people tried this?  I'm still not really
comfortable with CVS, though I've finally gotten used to the basics.  It
does offer some other useful features besides networking...

Any other ideas?  (I'm searching for optimal productivity, one piece of
the environment at a time.)