[UFO Chicago] Revolution OS on Sundance Channel Monday at 9 PM

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 14:37:39 -0800

begin  Surferd00d8123  quotation:
> The one and only! I thought I remembered your name from somewhere.
> What you been up to bro?

	Trying to heal the gashes you made in other peoples' lives.

> I'm not sure this information is appropriate for this public list but
> since its being thrown out here for all of CHI-TOWN to see, I feel the
> need to respond in kind.

	You are un-fucking-real, buddy.  I'm not even going to honor
any of that bullshit with a reply.

> And you know damn well where in Orange County I live, seeing as you
> were the one who stole a good tenth of a kilo of coke right out of
> my own freaking home during one of my house parties. 

	First of all, you know damn well where all of that shit went,
and I don't need to be your little internal justification.  If you
*had* sold that shit, maybe you'd have been able to pay up on time.
But little Roy-boy just couldn't save any for later, could he?

	Second of all, you either have serious balls or a bizarre
notion of what constitutes "your home".

> What the hell do you do with a tenth of a kilo of coke!!!? thats a
> lot of freaking blow to just rob from someone.

	The important question, Roy, is what do *you* do with 100
grams of coke?

> Damn. You better not come hassling me. 
> I knocked your cousin up, if you come along, I'll knock you down.

	I'll tell your parole officer you send your regards.

> Mort, Matt, Mark (I forget your name), If you are reading this, don't
> worry about having my back, I can take this Moffitt freak.

	Alone, maybe.

> > 	Oh, you've seen me.
> Damn straight I have. And it better be the last I've seen of you.

	Keep it up, shithead.

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