[UFO Chicago] Re: SMTP problems

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 10:11:44 -0600

Well, I'll call DerelicTV today and find out. I'm good buds with them

It looks like it might be time to get that Speakeasy connection I've
always wanted...


Quoting Nate Riffe:
> Pete,
> I believe DirecTV may be filtering inbound port 25 now.  I have my
> backup MX on a DirecTV line at the office and I can ping, ssh, surf,
> whatever, but inbound connections to port 25 fail with "No route to
> network".  When your line comes back up you may want to check it
> before you put flynn back on it.
> - -Nate