Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 17:14:27 -0600

So, this thursday night is UFO CHICAGO night at Gullivers!

And with us we will have Sween, of modelm.org fame!


Gulliver's Pizzeria is at 2727 W. Howard  on the south side of Howard
Avenue, just East of California on the North Side of Chicago!

There is parking behind the restaurant!

And here are Nate Riffe's fabu CTA instructions!


For people coming in off the I-94, I would take either Dempster or
Touhy across from 94 to McCormick. If you are on Dempster, then you're
north of Howard, and if you're on Touhy, you're south of Howard. Take
McCormick to Howard, and take Howard to Gullivers'.

For Sween, who is staying at the downers grove DoubleTree, he could do

which appear to me to be fairly solid directions.

If you are otherwise adventuresome, you could take 90 to Manheim road
(coming from the north) or Lawrence (coming from the south) Take
Manheim or Lawrence to Devon or Touhy, take either of those to
McCormick, take McCormick to Howard, and there you go. Or you can
mapquest it for yourself.

Unfortunately for Sween, it is 30 miles. But at that time of night,
traffic shouldn't be too bad. And the pizza's good. And we're cool.

At any rate, I think that we'll have the party start at 8:00, since
Sween will be bringing his wife and lovely child with, so that he can
get to eat in the event that he needs to leave early.

I will go ahead and call Gullivers' ahead of time and let them know to
expect 10-15 people.

Bring some money to help pay for the pizza (duh).

SO: to recap: tomorrow! gullivers! 2727 W. Howard! Sween! Money!
Pizza! UFO! Pedro's Special! More Cheese Pizza!

(|) <-- the lidless eye of Sauron! Eeek!


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