[UFO Chicago] Java IDE

Michael C. michaelc@subwaykid.org
Mon, 7 Jan 2002 15:59:24 -0500 (EST)

> (And no, emacs is not an option, I don't have the inclination to learn
> my way around that monster instead of learning Java.)
> pico/nano/etc. with all command line works, but doesn't have a debugger,
> or highlighting, so at that point I'd be back to Quanta.

unless you are doing wack / hardcore JNI hax0ring, there is really no need
for a "debugger" in the traditional sense. all of your java bugs will
likely be of the "uncaught exception w/ big fat stack trace that points
you directly to your null pointer dereference". unless you are trying to
understand someone else's fat code base by stepping through code, you will
assuredly rarely find yourself with a need to debug in the "dude where did
I overflow my buffer of unsigned shorts, break next next step print next
step step stepi stepi stepi" form.

as for syntax coloring, I will attempt to speak for everyone else when I
say that refusing to learn a "real" editor and praying that the open
source community of fifteen year olds with 800 page SAMS books on "elite
gui toolkit programming" will produce non-buggy IDEs on par with what can
be produced by millions upon millions of dollars / well-fed employees and
quality assurance testers is "semi insane", although I would not mind
being directed to the nearest open-source-IDE-that-doesn't-suck so that I
might change my tune. (john carmack used MSVC++ studio, anything could