[UFO Chicago] Java IDE

Elliot Shank clonezne@galumph.com
07 Jan 2002 21:38:47 -0600

On Mon, 2002-01-07 at 13:41, Larry Garfield wrote:
> In my Java II class this quarter, the professor is allowing us to use
> any Java compiler and IDE we want. So of course my first reaction is
> that the only full JDK I've got installed anywhere is the IBM JDK on my
> Mandrake box.  Yay.  However, I'd still like an IDE.  I've been using
> Quanta for my web development, but all it would offer is syntax
> highlighting (which itself is good to have, but not much).  Does
> KDevelop do a decent job with Java?  I didn't see any template packages
> for anything but C apps.  Is there something else anyone would suggest? 
> First and foremost, and I want a real-time debugger.  I've been writing
> a lot of PHP lately without one, and it is hell on earth. ;-)

Try http://www.eclipse.org/, the successor to IBM's VisualAge.