[UFO Chicago] Java IDE

Larry Garfield lgarfiel@students.depaul.edu
Mon, 07 Jan 2002 13:41:44 -0600

In my Java II class this quarter, the professor is allowing us to use
any Java compiler and IDE we want. So of course my first reaction is
that the only full JDK I've got installed anywhere is the IBM JDK on my
Mandrake box.  Yay.  However, I'd still like an IDE.  I've been using
Quanta for my web development, but all it would offer is syntax
highlighting (which itself is good to have, but not much).  Does
KDevelop do a decent job with Java?  I didn't see any template packages
for anything but C apps.  Is there something else anyone would suggest? 
First and foremost, and I want a real-time debugger.  I've been writing
a lot of PHP lately without one, and it is hell on earth. ;-)

(And no, emacs is not an option, I don't have the inclination to learn
my way around that monster instead of learning Java.)  

pico/nano/etc. with all command line works, but doesn't have a debugger,
or highlighting, so at that point I'd be back to Quanta.

Nate, I suppose you're probably the person best qualified to answer
this... ;-)  Bear in mind, budget is $0 if at all possible.

Larry Garfield

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