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Mike Cathey mpcathey@catt.com
09 Dec 2002 16:22:44 -0500

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On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 09:52, Rory O'Connor wrote:
> we've tried a couple local spam filtering solutions but finally
> ended up using a 3rd party service called Postini
> (http://www.postini.com/) for us and all our clients.  It has worked
> fabulously well at filtering spam and virus emails (which clients have
> a nasty habit of clicking on...then of course I have to fix).  There
> is a cost, but it's minimal and very much worth it.  and it also takes
> the processing load off our server.

What were the specific reasons why you went this route?  Cost of
implementation vs. the cost of maintaining an in house solution?

One member of our team is rather interested in Postini, which they have
evaluated a couple of times.  I'm kind of reserved toward it for a
couple of reasons:

A) The interface that users configure their preferences in is on
Postini's website, not our own.  With SA and a bit of hardware (which we
happen to have laying around), we can have complete control of our users
mail filtering experience.  An in-house system (using SA would) also
allow us to 'plug' the SA functionality into our existing user account
management system (in devel).

B) From the design diagrams that I saw, I would have point my MX records
to their servers.  This makes debugging MX problems a bit more tricky.=20
I feel a bit uncomfortable trusting our users email to the
stability/reliability of someone else's MX (that I can't get access to
for debugging).

C) Cost.  What are they charging per mailbox these days?  I assume
they're still doing a sliding scale based on volume?

How responsive is their tech support?

Have you had any issues with service reliability?

I appreciate the suggestion/recommendation. :)



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