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?$B!yThe Prophecy of Hopi(One of the natives of Arizona in the US) 

 According to the tradition of Hopi, our world is the fourth one counted from the beginning. Every world was perished owing to the vicious spirits which grew in the human hearts.

?$B!!The ancestors of Hopi living in the Third World escaped the Giant Deluge which perished the Third World, drifted and 
reached the west coast of the Central America. They came to live as the natives of the Fourth world.?$B!!Their guardians,
Big Spirit Maasauu handed them the stone board on which all the guidances for their life and prophecies were inscripted. 
The prophecy about the Fourth World is as follows.

?$B!!Soon the Fourth World will be perished because vicious spirits prevails.The day is called ?$B!HThe Great Day of 
Purification?$B!Iand preceding the Day many signs are seen. Some of them are listed below.

The prophecy told:
1?$B!!White people occupy the continent and hit the natives with thunder rod.
(This prophecy came true.We can easily understand the thunder rod is the gun.) 

2 The horse wagon which is pulled by 
other things than horses is to be invented by white people.Iron snakes are to cross the plain.  
(It came true.We can easily make out iron snake is railroad.) 

3 Big Web is to cover the ground.People are to begin to talk through web.
(It has come true.The electric wires and internet web began to cover the ground like web and people communicate 
through web.) 

4 Stone rivers are to cross with each other on the ground.  
(It has come true.Highways with Intersections were constructed all over the US)

5 The sea is to change colors to black and many lives die.
(It has come true.The accident of oil tunkers made the sea black.) 

6 The roads are to be made in the sky .
(It became true when air route were made) 

7 The gourds filled with ash which have tremendous power?$B!$make the rivers boil, bring about uncurable desease,burn down the ground and make the life growless for a long time are to be made.
(It became true when the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan) 

8 Youths with long hair are to learn the way of living of 
the natives.
(It became true,when Hippies appear in 1970s and learned the way of living of the natives) 

9 The clothes of men are to be robbed by women
(It came true.Women began to wear jeans and began to be like men) 

10 Young people are to come to give up marriage.
(It became true.In these days many youths give up marriage)

11 Two brothers are to place the ladder against the moon.
?$B!!(We can easily understand ?$B!Htwo brothers?$B!I means the US and Russia(Soviet).
?$B!!Thoush Russia is thought that it has never sent men to the moon,some information tells us it also tried to send men to the moon,but they were killed by someone,which was kept secret because the news of the failure hurt the dignity of 
?$B!!As Russia was superior to the US in the field of the space technology in those days, it was natural for Russia to have tried to send men to the Moon.
?$B!!As astronauts were killed by someone and driven away,Russia must have thought those of the US would be killed,too.So 
even if the US was making great effort to reach the moon,Russia was cool.The cool attitude of Russia was felt abnormal 
for the people in the world because the side of the the suprior in the space technology doesn't try to reach the moon.
?$B!!As many of the reserchers of ufos think, the US was warned not to go to the moon by Apollo 13. The four parts of the 
rocket were broken at the same time in case of Apollo 13.Is it possible four parts are broken at the same time? When you are driving a new car,you can't suppose only one part is broken.If one of the parts is broken,you will claim to the 
maker of the car,saying ?$B!HOh,this is a brand new car?$B!*Give money back!?$B!I
?$B!!If two parts are broken at the same time,for example,the battery and the steering wheel,you will say ?$B!HOh,incredible!,This car is cursed.I don't drive it any more.?$B!I If four parts without any relation are broken at the same time,you will surely realize that someone must have done it.Of course NASA realized the intention of menace to stop going to the moon by the moon beings but NASA continued the project until Apollo 17. Why? They were menaced to stop going but menaced to 
continue a little longer. Because if they had stopped just after the accident of Apollo 13,many of the humans would have made out the mystery of the accident. Four parts of the new rocket which were given the thorough check again and again 
before launching can't break at the same time would impress the humans,by which humans may suspect the existence of the 
moon beings. NASA was also menaced to keep the project a little more. As you know after Apollo 17,they never try to 
send men to the moon?$B!K. 

12 You are to hear about the house in the heaven. It is to be put in the heaven by the white people.When the thing 
like a blue star is seen,the ritual of our race is soon to come to the end.
?$B!!When white people is to put the house in the heaven,it is to be the last omen which humans can expect to see. After that the time of the big change of the Mother Earth is to draw near.
?$B!!The house in the heaven is to be the last thing permitted to be able to create by humans. As humans touched the moon and stars,hunger,plague,war are to become conspicuous on the planet and the balance between societies and nature is to be broken.
?$B!!(This prophecy is concrete enough to be easily understood)

13 The blue thing is to appear in the sky for the people.  
(The sacred song of Hopi also sings about ?$B!Hthis blue thing like a star?$B!I. You can see ?$B!Hthe blue thing?$B!I in the picture which is opened to public by NASA even now. 
The URL of it is introduced in Chapter 2) 

14 On the Great Day of Purification , when the two gods of war who sit on the head and the tail of the water snakes which live in both the poles loosen the power,the snakes will move and make the 
?$B!!(The Great Day of Purification means the day of ?$B!Hthe Giant Deluge of Noah?$B!I which will be explained in the following chapters of this HP(Especially in and after Chapter 30).The big deluge is compared to the water snake?$B#s which will gulp everything.

?$B!!This prophecy becomes easy to understand when it is rewritten as follows.
?$B!!!HTwo water snakes whose tails exist in both the poles live on the earth.?$B!!When?$B!Fthe two gods of war?$B!G loosen their power,both the ground and the snake move.?$B!I
?$B!!On the Great Purifying Day the seawater on the earth becomes the Giant Deluge called ?$B!Hthe Giant Deluge of Noah?$B!I.That is produced by the Pole- Change of the earth. The tip of the center axis of the rotation of the earth is in the 
Galapagos Islands?$B!!which are near the American Continent.The other one of the center axis is in the middle of Indian 
When ?$B!Hthe Pole-Change?$B!I starts,the surface of the earth slide and rotate,which means the seawater moves to the opposite direction of the movement of the surface of the land.Then the seawater covering the earth becomes the Ultra Giant 
Deluge whose hight is 1.9 miles in average.(Why will the surface of the land moves is explained minutely in later 

?$B!!In case of the ?$B!Hthe Giant Deluge of Noah?$B!I,however,the height of the Deluge near the tips of the Rotational axes is 
less than other parts because the water become a maelstrom around there,which means they don't make Giant Deluge.

?$B!!On the other hand,in the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean the sea water becomes the long waterways which go around half the circumference of the earth.
(about 1250 miles waterway in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean).

?$B!!When the sliding rotation of the earth occur, those waterways becomes two water currents whose head and tail stay in 
both the poles. In this case,head is the top of the water current, and the tail is the last of the water current.
?$B!!These water currents become the Giant Deluges and look as if they are like snakes which gulp everything.
?$B!!These two water snakes are the water currents. One of those heads is in the south pole and tail in the north pole. The head of the other is in the north pole and the tail in the south pole.Its length of the water current is 12500 miles, 
its thickness is 3.75 mile and its width is 2.5 to 3000 miles.

?$B!!It's like a flat and short abnormal snake.You can't make out this prophecy if you don't notice that two water snakes 
live on the earth.

?$B!!Two gods of war mean the two mantles and the boudary layer which prevent the sliding rotational movement of the 
surface layer of the earth. ?$B!JPlease look at other chapters which tell about ?$B!Hthe Giant Deluge of Noah?$B!I)

?$B!!As this sliding rotational movement is the fundamental reason which produces the giant deluge,the two mantles and the boundary layer are compared to ?$B!H the gods of war?$B!I.

?$B!!When this power,that is the resistance which prevent the outer two layers from sliding,is loosend, the ground begins 
to move, whose movement makes the water snake move.


Best wishes

Masuya Chinari

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