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Bright Spots Make Formations  

  I have sent you the mail about the two groups fighting with each other around the sun.
?$B!!The following url shows one of the battle scenes around the sun given by NASA SOHO pictures.
?$B!yNovember 5,2001

?$B!!!! http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/summary/gif/011106/slas_c3wlc_fd_20011106_0745.gif 

?$B!!Careful Study show that each bright spot(ufo) are making formation.

?$B!!The battle formation of the human fighters is a triagle in the least number because they can't move vertically in high speed. The battle formation of ufos in the least number are a triangular pyramid, because they can move to any direction.

?$B!!Some people insist these spots are natural phenomenon. (For example they are energy or light particles emitted from the sun.)

?$B!!But we can understand natural phenomenon can't make the formation. 


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