[UFO Chicago] Enduser Journal #3

Sean Neakums sneakums@zork.net
23 Jun 2001 01:03:18 +0100

>>>>> "T" == Thomas  <thomas@chicagomac.com> writes:

    T> So with 640MB of RAM I'd likely need 1,280MB for swap?  Does it
    T> really pro out to that or is there an upper limit?  Like 512 MB
    T> swap for a 256 MB system?  I have the drive space, but I guess
    T> I'd rather know now before I attempt to do much with this
    T> machine.  I do plan to move up to 2.4 when and if Yellow Dog
    T> gets wireless support worked out with it.

You only need the possible 2x RAM for swap if you swap out at all.  If
you don't swap (highly unlikely with that amount of RAM, I would
imagine) then you don't need swap at all.

Im currently running 2.4.6-pre5 from SGI's XFS tree, and it's all
working very nicely.  I have 256M of RAM, and two 256M swap
partitions, spread across two channels.

"We all float down here."
	-- Bob Gray