Fw: [UFO Chicago] Social Life

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:07:57 -0500

Quoting Mills Reece-RMILLS1:
> Why Reece can't show up? Well you did ask:
> 1) Wife is due... NOW. (it's a boy!)

Your wife is due? What, in the mail or something? And she's a boy?

Reece, that's really weird. I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

> I work at Motorola in Arlington Heights' GTSS, Lab Design and Support
> Group. I do Tandem Helix and S5000-Series (Dual Node Puma) Hardware
> troubleshooting and Lab Network Infrastructure Stuff. 

That sounds cool -- care to go a little more into depth with what you

> Now everyone else needs to share some personal tidbyte (bit? I always
> get those two confused).

Well, I work at a university doing regular old workstation
support/administration (w2k, unfortunately) and perl coding to glue our
systems together. I've really only been doing the perl thing for a month
or two though.