[UFO Chicago] Building tops...

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Sat, 14 Jul 2001 11:35:48 -0500

Quoting Brian T . Grant:
> I don't know if it would make any difference, but I live on the third
> floor of my building over on Argyle & Sawyer.  I might be able to put
> up one of those units.  If - or if not - I get permission from the
> land lord and/or my wife, I could run an extension cord into my
> apartment.  
> Also, has there been any discussion about where the initial
> connectivity would come from?  I can look into the cost of purchasing
> a fractional to full T1 through onShore.  We provide T1 connections
> for a lot of different clients.  Though for a group with no dues, etc.
> it might be tough to shoulder such a financial burden.  Either way, I
> thought it would be worth mentioning...

Definitely. Why don't you look into that. It is a long way from here,
but it's our best bet, other than getting on DePaul's network. (Which
Larry and Nate seemed to think we could.)

Now, I have to get cleaned up for the quakefest. If you're exceedingly
bored tonight, you can try to connect up. You need a quakeforge
quakeworld server (in debian or available at
http://www.quakeforge.net/), the registered quake game files (pak1.pak)
and the threewave capture the flag pakfiles (1 and 2) available at
http://www.threewave.com/. Put it all together, and run quakeforge. At
the console, type "connect ufo.chicago.il.us". The DSL seems to be able
to support at least 4 clients when the bandwidth is good.

I remember back in 1996, playing the qtest (pre-shareware beta release),
when north park had a 64k leased line (with 8k to control data). On a
56k I only got a decent ping at two in the morning!