[UFO Chicago] Building tops...

Nate Riffe inkblot@geocities.com
Sun, 15 Jul 2001 00:38:39 -0500 (CDT)

Hey Thomas,

Oooh, I've never really worked with an alpha before, but since I've done
innumerable Suse installs with a bunch of different versions, I don't think
that would be too hard.

I noticed some discussion between you and pedro about some other software
you are thinking about installing. I posted a message to the list about
running that on an alpha.

I will probably be busy during the day on monday, and maybe for part of the
day tuesday or wednesday. I have a job opportunity I'll be interviewing
with and probably getting started with sometime this week, so it will
probably not be until after I talk to them on monday that I can commit to a

I would be happy to come to your workplace and work with you on installing
Suse, my rate for something like this would be $20/hour. This is a lower
rate than I usually ask, but this will be a learning experience for me too,
and since I'm not too sure about my daytime schedule I don't want to jerk
you around then charge you a crazy amount.

If that's not in the budget, or if you would rather do this as a group
project kind of thing maybe in the evening, that would be totally fine with
me too, and I would do this with anyone else from UFO that want's to be
around to see how it goes for free.

So, let me know what you would like to do and we can try to work out a time
and place.


On 2001.07.13 10:28:10 -0500 Thomas wrote:
> Oh happy day...
> After years of trouble with a P.O.S. DataGeneral server running DGUX, my
> boss may have finally been swayed.  We are trashing it for Linux.  The
> only downside is that it's going on a DEC Alpha, so things may not be as
> straight forward as an Intel box.
> The only Dist. I know of for Alpha is SuSE, though I'm sure everyone else
> has one (or will have one), but since the software we really need to run
> on it is also German (Helios OPI and Helios Ethershare) I believe the two
> (SuSE and Helios) may work well together.  Any thoughts about that?
> Anyway, since this is a work project I can probably bring in outside help
> and I can't think of anyone more qualified for a SuSE install than our
> own Paul.  So Paul, if you read this and you're at all interested, e-mail
> with your rates and schedule and we'll try to work something out, and if
> you're not interested that's ok too.  Other options may be me bringing
> the box somewhere and maybe doing it as a group project.  As it stands
> this machine isn't being used for anthing and my bosses feeling is "so
> what if you f*** it up".  That's about as much encouragement as we ever
> get around here.
> Any comments, concerns, complaints?
> Probably not the best use of the UFO forum.
> Tom