Fw: [UFO Chicago] Announcement! Stuff!

Thomas thomas@chicagomac.com
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 10:46:24 -0500

Ya, I didn't think a lot of stuff plugged in at George's was a good idea...
but I figured one outlet if we all spent lots of money and tipped well would
be ok.  And being a home owner with an environmentally friendly electric
lawn mower, I think I have at least one 25' extension cord... maybe 50'.  I
also have an older 2mb Farallon wireless card which I have no use for, so
I'd like to donate it to anyone in the group who wants to try hacking it and
all I would ask in return are notes on what you tried (whether it ever works
or not) posted to the group.  I also have so OLD equipment and cables at
work I need to get rid of (out of space).  Nothing big and nothing cool, but
I'll make a list and if anyone wants or can use any of it just let me know.

Quote Peter:

> > PS: Also, we shouldn't go plugging stuff in a George's and whatnot -- a
> > laptop would be ok, but a bunch of stuff, and George might not be so
> > crazy about that. However, we're more than welcome to come over to
> > campus and plug stuff in, including the PCI card (I'm sure we can get
> > drivers online). I think we should probably hang out at George's for an
> > hour or two, just to make sure that we have everyone that's coming, and
> > then head over to campus. If we bring some extension cords, we could
> > even try some distance testing. (Throw an extension cord into your car
> > if you have a 25-footer at home.) We could plug machines in at each end
> > of the street and see how we do, as well as try putting some trees and a
> > building in between our signal. Woo!
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