Fw: [UFO Chicago] Announcement! Stuff!

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 11:35:02 -0500

Quoting Thomas:
> Ya, I didn't think a lot of stuff plugged in at George's was a good idea...
> but I figured one outlet if we all spent lots of money and tipped well would
> be ok.  And being a home owner with an environmentally friendly electric
> lawn mower, I think I have at least one 25' extension cord... maybe 50'.  I
> also have an older 2mb Farallon wireless card which I have no use for, so
> I'd like to donate it to anyone in the group who wants to try hacking it and
> all I would ask in return are notes on what you tried (whether it ever works
> or not) posted to the group.  I also have so OLD equipment and cables at
> work I need to get rid of (out of space).  Nothing big and nothing cool, but
> I'll make a list and if anyone wants or can use any of it just let me know.

That's actually a great idea -- I have a crapload of weird, old
equipment, or junk that is available to me (like LOADS of 8 Meg EDO
SIMMS!). I should write up some perl thingummy and put it on the UFO
page so that members can check here and see if what they need or what is
here. I'll write up a list and post it at:


If you have stuff you want added to that list that you have, just email
me offlist and I'll incorporate it.


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