[UFO Chicago] Enduser Journal #4

Peter A. Peterson II pedro@tastytronic.net
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 14:51:56 -0500

Quoting Thomas:
>    Debian perhaps?  I've downloaded and burned a few (3 to be exact)
>    Debian .iso's for PowerPC and since Debian seems to have pretty good
>    support in the UFO and my reading on it has all been extremely
>    positive, although I'm hearing it isn't overly newbie friendly.  But
>    good help and support should make up for that right?

Has anyone else here worked with Debian PPC? I haven't, but I'm a big
Debian fan, so I'd love to see you go that way, of course.

>    Sort of related to this ongoing post, I sent out a little S.O.S. for
>    help setting up a mail server to the UFO mailing list.  The response I
>    got was great, and included offers of help setting up the system
>    (which assuming those offers are still open I intend to take advantage
>    of).  The details of how that goes will be the subject of a future
>    post.

My offer certainly still stands. Although next week might be a better
time for me to do it. What's the scoop on your end, Thomas?


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