[UFO Chicago] Enduser Journal #4

Thomas thomas@chicagomac.com
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 15:08:45 -0500

Next week I'm pretty open except for Wednesday.  I usually get out of work
around 4:30 - 5:00, so tell me what's good for you and we can go from there.
And as long as we're on it, let me know what kind of space we have to work
in and I'll bring along either my PowerBook and/or the Cube and yopu can see
first hand what Debs like on the PPC (assuming I can get it installed by
then... haha).

Also let me know what you need me to bring (ok, the box to start with, but
anything else?).  Blank CD's?  Snacks?  Hammer?

If it turns out this is either easier, or just better for you, to do here at
work let me know, but for the travel and time involved I'd rather not make
you deal with that.

Thanks again Peter, and I'll see you Thursday.


On the whole wireless thing...
Not that I have great equipment, but I do have an AirPort basestation with
an extra Lucent antena added for fun, so if you're ever interested in taking
a look at it to either test range, signal stregnth, LOS, or actual usability
I'd be happy to bring it over.  I also have a PCI adapter and an extra
WaveLAN card if you want to try putting it in a desktop and see what
happens.  there's been a lot of talk but I wasn't sure what anyone else had
access to...

Various quotes from me then Peter...
> Quoting Thomas:
> >    Debian perhaps?  I've downloaded and burned a few (3 to be exact)
> >    Debian .iso's for PowerPC and since Debian seems to have pretty good
> >    support in the UFO and my reading on it has all been extremely
> >    positive, although I'm hearing it isn't overly newbie friendly.  But
> >    good help and support should make up for that right?
Quoting Peter:
> Has anyone else here worked with Debian PPC? I haven't, but I'm a big
> Debian fan, so I'd love to see you go that way, of course.
> >    Sort of related to this ongoing post, I sent out a little S.O.S. for
> >    help setting up a mail server to the UFO mailing list.  The response
> >    got was great, and included offers of help setting up the system
> >    (which assuming those offers are still open I intend to take
> >    of).  The details of how that goes will be the subject of a future
> >    post.
> My offer certainly still stands. Although next week might be a better
> time for me to do it. What's the scoop on your end, Thomas?