[UFO Chicago] UFO-Chicago Meeting Tonight 09/10/2023

Jay F. Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Sun Sep 10 18:41:20 CDT 2023

Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that James L Mazurek would write on Sun Sep 10 13:39:54 2023:

> Hello All:
> This is a reminder that tonight, is the second Sunday of September and a
> scheduled meeting date of the
> "Users of Free Operating systems -- Chicago".
> http://ufo.chicago.il.us
> Tonight Sunday, September 10th, UFO-Chicago will meet at the Golden Nugget 
> Pancake House located at 2406 W Diversey, Chicago IL 60647. The meeting is 
> scheduled to begin at 7 PM and will run until about 11 PM.
> RSVPs are not required but are appreciated.
> Jim Mazurek

I arrived unexpectedly early (little or no waiting time for the two
busses I have to take) and am already waiting for you at the back
table, near the electrical outlets.  I have brought the laptop on
which 9 free operating systems are installed (5 Unix and 4 non-Unix).
I have not installed any additional free operating systems since last
month -- I couldn't figure out how to install Hurd (but I brought the
installation CD if you think that you can) -- but I have augmented the
functionality of many of the operating systems that were installed.

Speaking of electrical outlets, there are only two electrical outlets
here near the back table, and I have three devices (two laptops and an
Ethernet hub) so if someone wants to bring a power strip (as someone
did, last month at the Wendy's), that would be helpful.

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