[UFO Chicago] UFO-Chicago Meeting Tomorrow Night 03/12/2023

James L Mazurek james at mazurek.chicago.il.us
Sun Mar 12 13:57:19 CDT 2023


All activities at the meeting are voluntary; if you have a strong opinion that 
a specific activity should happen you might consider volunteering to make it 

Also keep in mind there is likely part of the membership that does not wish to 
be on-stream.

I'm not planning stream video to the Jitsi Meet conference but I might opt to 
connect my phone via audio provided everyone present is alright with me doing 

In addition, the "Golden Nugget" is a restaurant and not a private meeting 
space so there may be limits in what we can do.

We will continue to host our 4th Tuesday meeting on-line via Jitsi.

Jim Mazurek

On Sun, 12 Mar 2023, CAREY SCHUG wrote:

> Ok, I was confused, re-read and suspect I know what was intended, though I am 
> not sure if it will work.
> Some of the regulars (and possibly other pre-covid regulars not liking 
> virtual meetings) will meet in person.
> Possibly some of the recent regulars will attempt to meet virtually.
> It is intended that "never the twain shall meet", meaning there is no plan 
> for the in-person group (as a whole) to connect with the virtual one, but who 
> knows, maybe someone there will also connect to the jitsi, though there is no 
> plan to try create a working hybrid meeting with dedicated hardware such as a 
> larger tablet or other shared display and a conference style central 
> microphone.
> Although I am far more likely to be willing to drive into the city on a 
> weekend than on a weekday, Sunday is the day when there are multiple online 
> sessions, many overlapping each other but almost no breaks, even on Sundays 
> without UFO.  Plus this is further into the city than other activities that I 
> do drive to.
> <pre>--Carey</pre>
>> On 03/11/2023 6:45 PM James L Mazurek <james at mazurek.chicago.il.us> wrote:
>> Hello All:
>> This is a reminder that tomorrow tonight, is the second Sunday of
>> March and a scheduled meeting date of the
>> "Users of Free Operating systems -- Chicago".
>> http://ufo.chicago.il.us
>> Tomorrow tonight Sunday, March 12th, UFO-Chicago will begin the process of
>> returning to regular in-person meetings. We will meet at the Golden Nugget
>> Pancake House located at 2406 W Diversey, Chicago IL 60647. The meeting
>> is scheduled to begin at 7 PM and will run until about 11 PM. RSVPs are
>> not required but are appreciated.
>> People unable to attend the in-person meeting are welcome to continue to
>> use the Jitsi Meet conference if they so wish. Our 4th Tuesday meetings
>> will remain on-line for the time being.
>> Join meeting
>> https://meet.jit.si/moderated/b4d6b7477c0bc432a7392d9f53443aaa3ddf5d3fdb83720158f36dff7b5bafff
>> Join by phone
>> Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 751 805 488#
>> Jim Mazurek

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