[UFO Chicago] I figured the world didn't really need another text editor, but yet...

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Mon Nov 19 11:19:41 PST 2018

As part of a usual winter hibernation, I check out some software books to 
teach myself a new skill or two.  It doesn't really have a practical 
purpose, since almost everything I do is a) stuff that isn't really 
software development anyway and b) in awk if it is.

However, a book on Go recommended the text editor atom.io, and I like it.

There are three groovy features I like:
  - you can install emacs keybindings, so it's emacs-ish enough for me. 
(In particular, ctrl-e,a, and k work, which is a lifeline)

- it looks pretty enough to use and does dececnt line-wraps at 70 chars, 
which is critical for a text editor

- it has a built in markdown viewer.  I've grown to like the markdown 
syntax, and been been (slowly) moving from using blogging packages towards 
maintain source files in text and using markdown to make them look OK.  It 
just feels a lot more native to me.


ps There are rumors on the internet I may be able to start attending 
meetings again.  Who knows?!?

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