[UFO Chicago] What's The Least I Can Pay For A MacBook Air 11' With (Or Without) A European Keyboard?

Jay F. Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Mon Feb 1 04:01:20 PST 2016

Friends and Colleages, and Fellow Nerds:

I have been asked to obtain a new or used (preferably used, because it
would be cheaper) MacBook Air 11' with a European keyboard.  In order
not to burden this mailing list with a 2.5-megabyte image, I have
placed a picture on my website and shall burden this mailing list only
with the URL: http://m5.chicago.il.us/images/MacBook.jpg (please note
that I have slow residential DSL and it may take a minute to download
a 2.5-megabyte image).  My source tells me that you can buy this item
in Europe for 999.99 euros.  I am flabbergasted to hear this.  I
confess that I have never bought a Mac of any kind, so perhaps I am
ignorant of the proper price for such things, but I cannot imagine
that 999.99 euros, which is more than a thousand dollars, can possibly
be the proper price for a laptop of any kind.  Please tell me that I
can buy one used, or even new, for a fraction of that astonishingly
high price.  Is it because of the European keyboard that it costs so
much?  Is it possible to buy one with an American keyboard and then,
oh I don't know, change it somehow so that it does European things
with its keys?  As always, thank you in advance for any and all

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