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Fellow Nerds,

Have you ever taken a class, or otherwise received any training, in
the writing of Linux kernel modules, specifically device drivers?
I ask because I have a client to whom I have already given some
training in C++ programming using the Boost libraries who is now
asking for some training in customizing the Linux kernel, and
particularly in writing device drivers.  This client sells hardware
containing an embedded system, but it is a rather large embedded
system, in fact it is a complete Linux kernel, but they have
customized it greatly.  They want to train more of their programmers
to customize the Linux kernel, and, in particular, to write device
drivers for it, and they have asked me if I can provide the training.

C++ and the Boost libraries is a topic that I can teach even without
course materials, I can just improvise materials, and to a certain
extent, that is what I have done.  But I am not able to teach Linux
kernel development without courseware.  This is an admission which
causes me very little shame, since there are few people in the world
who could improvise training materials for Linux kernel development.
I am now looking for course materials for Linux kernel development,
or, more precisely, the training broker who will be getting most of
the customer's money has been looking for course material.  So far
they have failed to find anything adequate from Guru labs, Linux
Certified, Web Age and Doulas.  What do you think about


?  Do you have an opinion about it?  If you do, I'd like to hear it.

Also, has a current or former employer ever stuck you in a Linux
kernel development class?  If so, what training materials were used?
And what is your opinion of them?  Would you recommend them to my

Doulos gave my people the name of the guy in the UK who has provided
their training, but he's only taught for them once or twice, and, so
far, has not yet responded.  The company is called Feabhas and their
website is www.Feabhas.com.  They also contacted ITCourseware and Bill
Gatliff and Associates, so far they have not heard back.  Any
comments, or recommendations, or advice, that you can provide will be
highly appreciated.  I thank you in advance for any and all replies.

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