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eviljoel eviljoel at linux.com
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Hey All,

The South Side Hackerspace (SSH) is throwing another Cryptoparty.
Details are below.

I should mention it is a little hard to find the entrance.  You enter
through the double glass doors in the back of the building.


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Hey all,

We're gonna have another cryptoparty at SSH on Saturday April 12, here
are the details:

CryptoParty Chicago - April 12th at SSH (Southside Hackerspace) -

CryptoParty is a global endeavor to host events that introduce the
basics of practical encryption to the general public |
www.cryptoparty.in/chicago | @CryptopartyChi

Saturday, April 12, 2pm-6pm, 2233 S Throop St. Unit 214.

This event is open to the public.

We'll gather to discuss how to communicate more securely in an age of
widespread government surveillance. In particular, we are interested in
teaching basic crypto to end users. Our goal is to spread practical
knowledge through hands-on exercises.

The last four years we've seen an unprecedented crackdown on
whistleblowers from our government. This requires better safeguards to
protect sources but also ensure our freedom of press and speech.

What to Bring: Your laptop and your cell phone.

The plan:

2pm: Beginners session - this time we'll focus on Tor and OTR for secure
web browsing and secure instant messaging

4pm: Advanced session - discussion/presentation of other topics

Come for one or both sessions.

Hope you can make it! And feel free to bring snacks, beer, etc.

PGP 0x90CC0310

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