[UFO Chicago] Meeting Followup Followup

Neil R. Ormos ormos at ripco.com
Sun May 27 09:41:58 PDT 2012

Neil R. Ormos wrote:

> 4.  The Book about how mega-farming made tomatoes
>     taste like cardboard...

>     Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture
>     Destroyed our Most Alluring Fruit

>     ... was actually written by Barry Estabrook; I
>     had erroneously attributed it to Marc
>     Levinson.

>       <http://www.worldcat.org/title/tomatoland-how-modern-industrial-agriculture-destroyed-our-most-alluring-fruit/oclc/687675277>

>     Another excellent interview on WHYY's Fresh
>     Air with Terry Gross:

>       <http://www.npr.org/2011/06/28/137371975/how-industrial-farming-destroyed-the-tasty-tomato>

A follow-up to an earlier follow-up:

For those interested in tomatoes, and what makes
them taste good (or not), NPR Science Friday had a
segment on 25 May on the topic.

Harry Klee, a professor at University of Florida,
is working on breeding better tasting tomatoes.
He is learning which tomatoes consumers like best
(via taste testing) and analyzing the favorites to
determine what chemicals are the source of the
preferred flavors.  Then he's trying to use that
information to breed tomatoes which deliver
tomatoes that taste good (i.e., better than those
plastic supermarket tomatoes) and also exhibit the
high yields, travel tolerance, and long shelf
lives necessary for commercial production.


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