[UFO Chicago] Horseradish for those who want it

Jay F Shachter jay at m5.chicago.il.us
Mon Feb 20 13:45:15 PST 2012

Centuries ago, Nostradamus predicted that Brian Sobolak would write on Mon Feb 20 14:38:46 2012:

> With the nice weather today, we've been thinking about gardening.
> I grew horseradish last year, and have lots and lots of shoots to
> share with anyone who wants them.  Growing horseradish is about the
> simplest thing possible as it is basically a pretty tough weed that
> tastes good. (It doesn't spread, but once in the ground it is pretty
> hard to get rid of.)
> I'm happy to share shoots with anyone who would like one. Just email
> me and I'll bring it to the next meeting or we can find another
> time/place to meet.

Brian is nearly 100% correct.  The only inaccuracy in the above is the
part where he said that horseradish is a weed.  A weed is a plant that
you do not want.  If you want it, it is no weed.

But everything else he said is true.  They are amaxingly hardy
plants.  I had horseradish plants in my garden for years.  They kept
on coming back, year after year.  Jews, as many of you knew, eat
horseradish (or some other bitter vegetable) on Passover eve, to
symbolize the bitterness of the slavery from which we were freed.  I
greatly enjoyed being able to go into my backyard the day before
Passover and dig up a horseradish root to use for the festive meal.
There would always be anough left over to replenish the part that I
dug up.

As hardy as they were, however, they did not last forever.  Year after
year they kept on coming back, like the vigor of youth, but one year
they did not.  So, Brian, if you have any left over after others take
you up on your generous offer, I would like some too, to plant again
in my back yard, where they will hopefully take root for another five
to ten years.  But I shall not be at the UFO meeting on February 28,
because it conflicts with the quarterly meeting of the C/C++ Users'
Group (http://ccug.chicago.il.us), which I am obliged to attend,
because I am the event sponsor.  I should be at the March 12 meeting,
if you and the horseradish can wait until then.

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