[UFO Chicago] syncing multiple workstations to one master

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Ah, You're using LTSP--I didn't know that using that before my last email.  That actually makes things a bit simpler, so far as package distribution goes.
With LTSP, installing something on the master node should propagate to the clients.  I'm not familiar with running LTPS specifically, but there should be some way of doing this.  A *really* quick scan of the LTSP docs indicates that the clients use a chroot envrionment, so installing something into that chroot should be the same as pushing it to the clients.
I'll note, however, that the usual package management rules don't apply so well in circumstances like this.  So while all the mumbo-jumbo in my other email is valid, it may not apply in your case.


Jesse Becker

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I was sitting here wondering how in the world you implement reliable

file transfers over multicast.

Then I read this:


Clever! Good stuff!

Wow. Ton of good stuff here. Thanks for everyone's responses. FYI, I'm doing this research for a project at FreeGeek Chicago. We're trying to get a good 10-12 station lab going. We're considering LTSP, just so we don't have to manage a dozen boxes, but we probably won't be able to get a server that's beefy enough, so we're looking at all options. 

Any additional thoughts anyone has on this would be greatly appreciated. 

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