[UFO Chicago] Meeting/picnic this weekend at my house

James L. Mazurek james at mazurek.chicago.il.us
Thu Aug 11 15:34:01 PDT 2011

On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 9:00 AM, Brian Sobolak <brian at planetshwoop.com> wrote:
> Hi all --
> At the last meeting we'd discussed having the next meeting at my house.
> I'm open for this, but would prefer this Saturday to the Sunday.  Since
> it's dark by 8, perhaps we could start at 5 or 6?
> I have a grill for veggie stuff and burger fixings, but a weber +
> accoutrements will need to provided for those who want to grill meat.
> Since it's full-on garden season, I should have plenty of extra veggies to
> share.  If we're still going after it's dark, we can bring out Ye Olde
> Firepit.
> Is there still interest?  write back and then I'll send the announcement.
> brian


Saturday or Sunday is fine with me.  Hopefully, we'll avoid the
thunderstorms that are being forecast for Saturday.

I have access to a small portable charcoal grill as well as a larger
propane grill that I can bring for grilling meat products.  I can also
bring lawn chairs and a folding table if needed.  Let me know what is


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