[UFO Chicago] meeting follow-ups

Brian Sobolak brian at planetshwoop.com
Thu May 27 21:13:16 PDT 2010

This is the paper I was referencing about the impact of livestock on
greenhouse gases and the environment:

Livestock's Long Shadow

Also, here is the quote from John Gutfreund (a former Wall St. banker)
that effectively sums up why I think libertarianism is BS.  ***Emphasis***
added is mine.

Now I asked Gutfreund about his biggest decision. "Yes," he said.
"They--the heads of the other Wall Street firms--all said what an awful
thing it was to go public and how could you do such a thing. But when the
temptation arose, they all gave in to it." He agreed that the main effect
of turning a partnership into a corporation was to transfer the financial
risk to the shareholders. "When things go wrong, it's their problem,"
he said--and obviously not theirs alone. When a Wall Street investment
bank screwed up badly enough, its risks became the problem of the U.S.
government. ***"It's laissez-faire until you get in deep shit***," he
said, with a half chuckle. He was out of the game.

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