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Greg Neumarke greg at neumarke.net
Fri Feb 5 09:04:55 PST 2010

On 2/5/2010 10:39 AM, Politik Durden wrote:
> This is why I'm learning Drupal. I've got well over a terabyte of 
> content and between Windows/Linux/Mac OS spread over 6 boxes, I 
> haven't found a single solution to handle it all. I've tried a few 
> tagging programs (haven't tried any mentioned in this thread; I'll 
> check those out) but I have to use more than one of them to get all 
> the features I want. Media servers do ok with music and video but 
> don't handle documents/odd file formats well (if at all). I need to 
> have 100% complete control over the tagging/indexing, when I add the 
> content *and* when I access/search for it. None of the programs I 
> tried are good at both. And I need to do all this from a browser.
> At first Drupal seemed like overkill but it took just way too long to 
> keep pruning my content. I tried starting a database to keep track of 
> everything, but that got really complicated really fast and I felt 
> like I was reinventing the wheel. And making everything browser 
> accessible requires waaaaaay too much coding. Drupal does have a 
> high(er) learning curve, and a bit of coding but in the end, I'll get 
> *exactly* what I want. Plus after I finish this project, I'll be able 
> to make some money doing web development.

I'm considering Alfresco for a project at work. It gives you tagging and 
content management, with an added benefit of allowing you to store and 
access content through an samba-like file share. You can dump stuff into 
a file share, then switch to the browser to add additional tags if 
necessary. There are also scripts that can automatically extract 
metadata from the files you put there. (like pulling EXIF data from photos)



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